So that you know,  these are the things we are doing everyday at Wares to play our part: 

  • We buy as much glass as we can from U.K factories and where that isn't possible, from Europe.
  • We buy in large quantities to reduce the CO2 of hundreds of deliveries
  • We collect cardboard from neighbouring businesses and shred it to provide ourselves with void fill for our orders.  This way we have eliminated almost all plastic from our shipped orders.  Where we do have to use bubble wrap for large glass items, we only use compostable wrap.
  • We reuse all the boxes that come into the building to re-ship orders, or we shred them.
  • All of our commercial waste is sorted and sent for recycling
  • We use compostable pallet wrap.
  • We only use compostable bags for all our lids, caps and corks sent out with orders
  • We only use eco sound cleaning products and toilet roll! 


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