Master Class, Non-stick, 2 in 1 Divided/Ridged Baking Tray

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Miss Matty Says...

A time saver for busy people on the move

Master Class, 2 in 1 Divided/Ridges Baking Tray

  • This crisping/searing tray is a time saving convenience to your cooking

  • The split design means that you can cook /heat one meal or two at the same time

  • One side is perforated to help hot air circulate and help to crisp your food

  • The other side is ridged to add that delicious 'char' to  fish, meat and poultry
  • Cook crispy potato wedges and griddle style chicken breasts together
  • Carbon steel construction with Quantum II non-stick coating

Further details: Dishwasher safe

                          Freezer safe

                          20 Year guarantee


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