Master Class, Crusty Bake, Non-stick Fluted, Round 28cm Quiche Tin

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Miss Matty Says...

For a Supper Dish or Entertaining Turn out a Golden Delicious Flan or Quiche with a Flan Tin from the Crusty Bake Range.

Master Class, Crusty Bake, Non-stick, Fluted Round 28cm Quiche Tin

  • All Round Golden and Crispy is the Perfect Result that You Want
  • The Crusty Bake with Evenly Spaced Perforations will Give You That Result
  • Cook Savoury Quiches and Fruit Flans to Perfection
  • Superior Non-stick Coating for Easy Release and Cleaning

Features: Dishwasher, Fridge, Freezer and Oven Safe

                Quantum 2 Non-stick Coating

                PFOA, PTFE and BPA Free

                2o0 Year Guarantee


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