Master Class, 18cm, Crusty Bake, Non-stick, Fluted, Round Quiche Tin

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Miss Matty Says...

Ah! Golden brown crisp and crusty as they should be

Master Class, 18cm, Crusty Bake, Non-stick, Fluted Round Quiche Tin

  • Make delicious Quiches, Flans and Tarts with this Non-stick, fluted Round Quiche Tin
  • Perforated holes round the sides and base ensure that air circulates freely during cooking process
  • You can create fruit flans and savoury quiches with perfect golden brown crisp crust
  • Goodbye soggy bottoms
  • There are various sizes available from the award winning Master Class bake ware collection
  • The Master Class range includes key items for cooking anything dough and pastry related


Further details: Dishwasher, Oven, fridge and freezer safe

                          Quantum 2 non-stick coating

                          20 year Guarantee


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