Mason Jar - 500ml Old Fashioned Glass Jar with two part silver aluminium lid - Great for chutneys, preserves and storage

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Mason Jar - 500ml Old Fashioned Styled Jar with aluminium two part screw lid and intergral sealing disc perfect for preserving and storage



This vintage styled Mason jar is part of the exciting new range of jars we now have in stock. It's retro style is reminiscent of a bygone era before the throw away society became the norm. It is perfect for preserving, canning and is also ideal for storage. Would look great on a countertop with different coloured products in. It's vintage style suits kitchens from the modern to the shabby chic.  The jar can be re-used which is ideal for those of us who are trying to reduce our carbon footprint and the two piece lid has a rubber seal which will prolong the life of anything stored in it.


  • Good vacuum seal
  • Attractive Vintage Style
  • Price includes lids
  • Available in five sizes
  • Fast delivery


Dimensions - Mason Jar - 500ml Old Fashioned Glass Jar:

Height (without lid): 8.7cm

Width of the base: 9.2cm

Capacity: 500ml

Lid: 88mm Silver in two parts




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