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This “All Glass Jars” category has been created to provide customers with a quicker and easier method of searching for a particular size, shape or usage of jar. Using our category search tool in any of our numerous categories will enable shoppers to see at a glance jars or bottles in their preferred requirements.

Our range of glass jars are not just for jam making and fact our customers amaze us every day with the wide variety of projects incorporating  jars such as storage of dry foods, craft projects, candle making, flower arranging and much more. Our standard range of glass jars are supplied with a choice of coloured heat-sealable, twist off lids.


These closures contain a built in rubber seal which is activated by heat from the product when the glass jars are filled thus providing an airtight packaging solution for your jams, preserves, chutneys and pickles!


Glass Jars for the Environment

The age of the glass jar is back to stay. The use of glass rather than plastic significantly reduces landfill space and treated with care can last a lifetime. Should a glass jar get broken it can be recycled without feeling guilty about our very precious environment.

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