Glass Demijohn 1.9 Litre (Sold Singly)

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Glass Demijohn


  • Brewing your own beer, wine or cider at home is really easy with this Home Made Glass Demijohn
  • It features a smaller capacity of 1,900 ml (3¼ pints), which makes it ideal for beginners, and convenient to store away in cupboards or under the sink
  • This glass demijohn / carboy is perfect for brewing and serving your concoctions. It's made of tough glass and features a traditional cork bung. The cork bung creates an airtight seal, which prevents bacteria and oxygen from affecting your wine, beer or cider as it ferments
  • Once fermented, matured and ready to serve, you can pour it straight from the bottle too
  • This demijohn / carboy features a pouring handle, so you can easily pour into a glass without spillage
  • A home-made gift makes for an incredibly thoughtful gift, and with its gift tag and your variety of home-made ale, wine or cider, it's the perfect present for friends and family!


Demijohn Dimensions:

Volume: 1.9 Litres

Height: ( not including cork) - 27cm

Width: approx - 12cm

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