Weck Glass Jars 35ml Small Authentic German Jar (Packs Of 1,3,6,12,18)

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Small Weck Glass Jars 


  • Authentic German Weck excellent quality home canning system
  • Withstands boiling, sterilising and processing time and time again.
  • Includes sealing ring and clips
  • Suitable for water bath and pressure canning
  • Perfect for bake in the jar and freezing
  • Embossed "Weck" logo on side
  • Classic weck sealing mechanism means can check if still airtight at a glance
  • Microwave Safe
  • BPA Free


Home preserving glass jar

Fill the jar after making recipe, boil jars to preserve and store for up to a year!



Glass Jar Dimensions:

Volume: 35ml 

Height: 40.5MM

Diameter: 44MM

Colour: Clear

Lid: Glass disc 40MM (includes seal and clips to secure to jar)



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