Glass Bottles for Homemade Wines, Beers and Spirits

In response to popular demand we are very happy to introduce a Home Brewing Category to our website.  Brewing beer, wine, mead and   ciders at home has become one of our best loved hobbies in the UK and here you will find not only suitable bottles for beers, ciders and wines but also all the equipment required to do the home brewing. 

We are also delighted to offer ingredient kits for red and white wine, lager, bitter and cider. If our customers are new to home brewing then we are including in the selection a complete home brewing equipment starter kit and a complete home brewing starter kit which includes all the equipment and ingredients needed to make 35 pints of cider or 40 pints of lager/bitter - all you need to do is add water!

For bespoke quantities and wholesale order enquiries, do please give us a call:  01477 537 224 


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