​The wonderful hobby of beekeeping

​The wonderful hobby of beekeeping

Posted by The Wares Team on 22nd Sep 2021

Beekeeping is becoming hugely popular as people look for ways to enjoy their homes and embrace slower, healthier and more enriching leisure activities. It helps to support local and organic food production and - as many hobbyist beekeepers have found - it can result in a wonderful little side business if that's something of interest!

The benefits of beekeeping

Beyond the obvious benefit of enjoying naturally produced, local honey on your doorstep, bees are quite low maintenance and your new hobby can work alongside your garden in a symbiotic relationship. You'll also be doing your bit to support this wonderful species, which is under attack from pesticides, enjoy a relaxing pursuit and also save money when compared to other more expensive hobbies. The beekeeping community is also wonderfully supportive and strong, so you'll meet new people, have fun and learn about an insect species so sophisticated and advanced that it makes humans look simple! Bear in mind too that this is a hobby that anyone of any age and ability can do - so age and disability needn't put you off.

Honey also has wonderful health properties which have been recognised for years and it is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Stock up those honey glass jars now, because honey is packed with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It can help to soothe a sore throat and to dress a wound. Got a spot, a burn or a cut? Simply dab on a little honey. Keen to create your own range of natural, beneficial and organic gentle beauty products? Honey is the perfect skin soothing and softening ingredient. In fact, honey has been used since humans began to keep records, thanks to its powerful and gentle, natural benefits. It is also the ultimate preservative, as honey samples have been taken from ancient Egyptian and Roman graves, without any sign of decomposition.

And did we mention the flavour? When you make your own honey you will find that it takes on a unique local flavour that is driven by your local flower life. If you grow lavender for example you may get to enjoy delicious lavender-infused honey from your own little hive.

Getting started

The best way to get started with beekeeping is to attend a course so that you can learn everything you need from a qualified professional. There are plenty of courses around the UK and a wealth of knowledge in books, online and via local groups. The community is welcoming and helpful and you'll meet some wonderful people as you take your first steps. It's also a community that plays a vital role in the industry, with 44,000 amateur beekeepers in the UK. Try the British Beekeeper's Association to get started: https://www.bbka.org.uk/
British Beekeepers Association

The BBKA represents 25,000 hobbyist beekeepers. We work to raise standards in beekeeping. We also promote the understanding and importance of honeybees.


The BBA will link you with a local association that will become a vital lifeline of knowledge, support and resources.

Bee-ing patient

Bear in mind too that it takes a couple of years to establish your own colony, so you'll need to be patient. Use this time to really invest in your knowledge and skills, recognising that you are working on a living project, and learning what it will take to create the best possible hive for happy and productive bees. There's no need to rush. This is a slow and beautiful hobby that reconnects you with nature's own cyclical rhythms. Through the BBA you can visit apiaries to see how other successful hives are managed and also get your own mentor to help you with your journey. When you do become experienced and have a successful apiary of your own, you will certainly reap the benefits as a single hive can produce up to 45kg of honey in a year!

Storing your honey

Honey is best stored in honey glass jars which will usually have a screwtop lid, although there are various different styles and designs of honey jars. We sell a wide range of glass honey jars, with different sizes on offers and different fastenings. Perhaps you prefer a mason jar, for example, or are looking for ceramic honey jars with a beautiful honeycomb design. Remember to sterilise your honey glass jars before you use them, and look out for pretty labels to decorate your honey jars when they are full. Honey makes such a wonderful gift for a loved one and it is a really special connection to your own local area.

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