BioPak 500ml Rectangle Paper Takeaway Food Box

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BioBoard 500ml Rectangle Cardboard Takeaway Food Container

A rectangle takeaway food box which is grease and water-resistant, suitable for hot, greasy and cold foods. The containers are also soup safe making them a great choice for takeaway food deliveries, street food and deli's. Made with rolled edges which creates a leak-proof product when used with the BioPak rectangle lid.


Made from sustainably sourced premium paper and coated PLA bioplastic made from plants, not oil.


  • Environmentally Friendly - Bioplastic lining produces 75% less greenhouses gases than conventional plastic.

  • Grease and water-resistant - Coated with a water-based dispersion coating.

  • Sustainably sourced, made from FSC™ certified paper board. They are strong and durable as well as great for the environment.

  • We are offering FREE SHIPPING on the whole BioPak range!

  • The Containers have a 12 month shelf life from date of purchase.

  • Suitable for industrial composting. Certified to EN13432 meaning when disposed of correctly the product will biodegrade into natural elements.

  • Need a lid? BioPak Rectangle Cardboard Food Box Lid



170 x 44mm

Capacity: 500ml

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