BioCup 280ml PLA Takeaway Cold Cup

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BioPak 280ml PLA Takeaway Cold Cup

A clear 280ml PLA takeaway drinks cup. Strong and sturdy like conventional plastic, they're perfect for serving cold drinks.

These biodegradable cold cups are made from PLA, a plant-based bioplastic. Making it an eco-friendly choice when compared to conventional disposable plastic tumblers.

Here are some product benefits:

  • Cold Cups: The drinking cups are clear and sturdy, making them ideal for serving cold drinks. Please note they are for cold use only.

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from PLA bioplastic, a material made from plants not oil.

  • Weights and measures approved for alcohol service.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: The carbon footprint of producing PLA bioplastic is up to 75% smaller than conventional disposable plastics.

  • We are offering FREE SHIPPING on the whole BioPak range!

  • Industrially compostable EN13432. Meaning when disposed of correctly the product will biodegrade into natural elements.

  • With a 12-month shelf life from date of purchase. Must be stored out of direct sun and below 35°C

  • Bioplastic is not to be used to store food for more than a few days due to the oxygen barrier properties.

  • Need a Lid? 76mm Flat Lid  76mm Dome Lid with X-Slot  76mm Raised Flat Lid

PLA Benefits:

PLA is a bioplastic made from renewable plant material which is light, strong, clear and food safe! Lower carbon emissions in manufacture than oil-based plastics. Biodegradable when composted correctly.


Top diameter: 76mm

Bottom diameter: 52mm

Height: 103mm

Capacity: 200ml


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