BioBowl 125mm Round Clear PLA Deli Bowl Lid

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BioPak Clear PLA Food Container Lids

These biodegradable clear deli bowl lids are made from PLA, a plant-based bioplastic. To fit the BioPak clear PLA deli containers 240ml, 360ml, 500ml and 700ml. Suitable for industrial composting where facilities exist. An eco-friendly choice when compared to conventional disposable plastic.

Here are some product benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from Ingeo™ PLA bioplastic, a material made from plants not oil.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint: The carbon footprint of producing PLA bioplastic is up to 75% smaller than conventional plastics.

  • Suitable for cold foods only, such as salad, dessert, yoghurt, muesli and more.

  • We are offering FREE SHIPPING on the whole BioPak range!

  • Fits the BioBowl 240ml, 360ml, 500ml and 700ml.
  • Industrially compostable EN13432. Meaning when disposed of correctly the product will biodegrade into natural elements.
  • Must be stored out of direct sun and below 35°C.

  • Indefinite shelf life when stored correctly.


125mm diameter


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