8oz Vintage Glass Oil Bottles With Cork (Pack Of 6-2646)

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Miss Matty Says...

Herb oils come into their own when drizzled over summer or winter salads; they are also excellent used in dressings.

Glass Oil  Bottle With Cork


  • 249ml capacity or 8oz
  • Traditional glass bottle with a cork
  • Perfect for dressings, sauces and oils
  • Classic bottle and very popular
  • Can be labelled with your own gift tag, please click here


Glass Bottle Dimensions:


Height: 15.8cm

Diameter: 5.2cm

Neck size: 2.4cm

Capacity: 249ml


You can have this product as part of a mixed pallet with other products or in any quantity above the minimum order  - just Call: 01477 537 224


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