63mm spare lids - For 1lb, 8oz, 12oz, 293ml Square and many more

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Spare 63mm twist off lids are air tight and vinegar proof in a choice of seven colours.  Suitable for all jams, chutneys, sauces, milks and drinks.   These lids fit some of the most popular jam jars including; 1lb, 8oz, 12oz, 190ml food, 283ml Hexagonal, 314ml Gourmet, 8oz honey and many others. 

Each of our jar listing tells you which size lids fit your chosen jar - so you are able to buy the appropriate spare lids.  All ids can be sterilised by blanching them in boiling water before use. 


Size: 63mm twist cap

Colours: Gold, silver, black, white, green, red gingham and blue gingham.


36 Reviews

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    Fabulous quality and service as always

    20th Jul 2020

    Margaret Cutts

    There was a note to apologise for the fact that the lids were more copper coloured than gold, but I preferred it as I like to have a different colour each year. (I sometimes re-use lids when I'm not sealing the contents, i.e. for leftovers or salad dressing.) Can you stock the pretty flower and produce lids too please?

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    Jan Jar Lids

    23rd Jun 2020

    Robert Hodges

    Excellent product at excellent price, fast delivery.

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    Great to be able to buy spare lids

    2nd Jun 2020

    Cathy Ellingworth

    These lids mean it's easy to recycle all my glass jars. They give a much better seal than traditional jam pot covers.

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    63m lids

    18th May 2020

    Lesley Davies

    Perfect for job, great quality, price and service.

  • 5

    8th May 2020


    Excellent lids.

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    Spare Lids for 8oz jars

    7th Nov 2019

    Jeannie Murray

    I ordered spare lids in gold for my Festive Fig & Plum chutney. The lids arrived really quickly. They look very jolly. Thank you!

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    63mm spare lids

    23rd May 2019


    Great fit for some 2nd hand pound jars I was given.

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    Jam Jar lids for 8oz and 12 oz jars

    26th Sep 2018

    Jeannie's Kitchen Garden

    I'm making my Festive Fig and Plum Chutney for my Christmas 'Limited Edition'. I bought these gold lids to look jolly and they do! These lids are vinegar proof and fit very well and the gold version looks super, I tie a red ribbon with a gold bell on to enhance the Christmas feel. The lids arrived fast too which was great.

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    Spare jam jar lids

    9th Aug 2018


    I sell jams and pickles for a small charity and people sometimes return their jam jars. These spare lids are ideal for re-using jars as they fit several sizes of jar.

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