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Miss Matty Says...

A presentation jar for your larger pickles; lemons, limes or pears.


A 750ml Leifheit Preserving Jar with lid comprised of metal heat sealable disc and screw band.  These are wonderful quality unusual jars, ideal for bottling, canning and all preserving, they add a french feel to the kitchen and are often bought by restaurants and cafe's looking for an authentic continental jar.  Consider buying spare discs for reuse year after year.  

The sealing discs for these jars are compatible with old style English Kilner Jars manufactured since 1945.

Capacity: 750mls

Height: 125mm

Width: 125mm

Lid: 82mm metal heat sealable disc and screw band

Packs: Sold in a set of 6

For multiple packs don't forget the quantity box!

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