2 Litre Mason Jar - Old Fashioned Glass Jar With Silver Two Piece Lid - Ideal For Storage, Canning Or Pickling Of Larger Vegatables

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Miss Matty Says...

One of the most popular of all Pickled Vegetables - Cucumber -it's easy and can be stored in this Elegant Old Fashioned Mason Jar. See How Below.

 Delivery W/C 13/7/20

 Glass Mason Jar 


  • This vintage styled Mason glass jar is the largest addition to an exciting new range of jars we now have in stock.
  • It's style is reminiscent of an era before the throw away society became popular
  • It is perfect for storage, canning and pickling of larger fruits and vegetables
  • Would look absolutely stunning on a counter top with the different sizes in this range.
  • It's vintage style suits kitchens from the modern to the shabby chic
  • The jar can be re-used which is allows users to reduce their carbon footprint and the two piece lid has a rubber seal which will prolong the life of anything stored in it 
  • Good vacuum seal
  • Attractive Vintage Style
  • Price includes lids
  • Available in five sizes
  • Fast delivery



Glass Jar Dimensions:


Volume: 2 Litres

Height without lid: 23.3cm 

Width of the base: 11cm 

Lid Size: 86mm silver in two parts

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