2 Gallon Glass Drinks Dispenser (Barrel Shape With Tap)

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Drinks Dispenser
Clip Top

Miss Matty Says...

Tap into this superb glass barrel with great style for your home brew or favourite soft drink for party or BBQ. Would not look out of place at the end of your kitchen counter.


Glass Drinks Barrel Dispenser


  • We are thrilled to have obtained this extra large (7 Litres/2 Gallon (8.5L brimfull) TAPPED 2 GAL.BARREL.
  • The engraving on the front of the dispenser enhances the ever popular vintage look of this glass barrel
  • The clip top mechanism is completed with a rubber sealing ring which creates a airtight seal meaninfg that drinks can be prepared in advance for parties and picnics.  Ideal for serving soft drinks, punch and cocktails
  • Artisan producers and market stall holders are bound to find the larger volume of this dispenser most useful


Glass Drinks Dispenser Dimensions:


Height: 36.5cm

Width: 18.5cm

Capacity: 2 gallons/ 7 litres (8.5 litres brimful)

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