1840ml Amber Growler Glass Bottle

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Miss Matty Says...

A lovely old style handled bottle for storing your favorite brew or surprise a friend with their choice of ale as a gift.


Amber Glass Growler Bottle


  • Robust 1.84 Litre amber glass Growler bottle

  • Supplied with a choice of silver, black, or white EPE lined aluminium or black induction moulded cap, is a must for beer lovers everywhere 

  • Ideal for your home or as a gift with a difference we are sure you will love this Growler bottle filled with your homebrewed beers and ales

  • Please note the bottle has 64 fl.oz embossed on the body of the bottle


Glass Bottle Dimensions:


Volume: 1840mls (1.84Litres 64 floz)

Height: 29cm

Diameter: 12cm

Caps: silver, black, or white EPE lined aluminium cap or black induction moulded cap



* This item is sold singly* 

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