10ml Miniature Glass Bottles - Miniature Marlow - Packs of 6-1000

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Expected release date is early July

Miss Matty Says...

Small glass bottles! Perfect for samples, gifts and wedding favours.


10ml Glass Bottles - Miniature Marlow

Introducing the new miniature clear glass bottle, a perfect addition to our wedding favours! This tiny bottle is perfect for samples of aromatherapy oils and perfumes and is a handy size for handbags!

  • 10ml capacity
  • Clear glass
  • Ideal for wedding favours, samples and much more!
  • Choice of two coloured screw caps; Silver and gold aluminium


Miniature clear glass bottles

This mini glass 10ml bottles tiny enough to be in-obtrusive and yet sweet enough to look pretty when decorated. We also have a blog post which includes one of our excellent miniature glass bottles, follow the link below!




Volume: 10ml

Height with cap: 6cm

Height without cap: 5.8cm

Diameter Base: 2.5cm

Neck: 1.5cm

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