Vegware Takeaway Lid For Soup Container (pack of 500) Vegware VLID115S

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Compost returns nutrients to the soil, and has the added benefit of improving soil structure.

Takeaway soup container lid (pack of 500)Vegware VLID115S

Flat lid for Vegware's 115-Series soup containers. A practical no-hole lid for hot soups or stews. Made from CPLA, a renewable material made from plants. Off-white colour, embossed with Vegware messaging. Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.


Compostable soup containers 

Compostable Food containers, perfect for everything from hot soups and porridge to frozen yoghurt and ice cream sundaes. Flat CPLA lids for hot foods. Clear PLA flat and domed lids for cold food.



Top diameter: 115mm
Height: 10mm
Weight: 6g

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