Chicago Metallic, Non-stick, Baguette tray

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Miss Matty Says...

Who does not like a Baguette well baked on the inside and with a lovely crisp crust on the outside

Chicago Metallic, Non-stick, Perforated Baguette Tray

  • Get Crispier Golden Brown Crusts every time when Baking French style bread 
  • This commercial, non-stick perforated Baguette tray allows air in your oven to circulate evenly
  • The non-stick coating releases bakes easily
  • It is the Professional secret to successful French bread baking
  • You can bake two loaves at one time
  • The tray is constructed from Heavy Weight Aluminized steel
  • This construction conducts heat quickly and distributes it evenly


Further details:  Dishwasher safe 

                           Oven safe to 232c/450F

                           25 Year  Guarantee

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