Branding Glass Jars and Bottles by Wares of Knutsford

Branding Bottles And Jars

Branding your bottles and jars can be the most important and vital part of launching your product whether it be for artisan markets, cafes, pubs, restaurants or worldwide distribution! After the hard work of creating a product to market the creation of a strong and attractive identity is key to success right from the word go. Brand development calls for imagination and the creation of a design that will enhance and promote your products to the retail marketplace.


After years of being asked for branding on our bottles and jars we are now able to offer a service which enables our customers to do just that. This service will start with design (where required) as well as all forms of decoration including labelling, shrink sleeving, silk screen printing to multicoloured spray and multi label application. We can even arrange a unique application of bespoke transfers and indeed any form of bottle or jar decoration.  

Branding and Labels on Jars



Screen Printing is the main method of printing on glass containers. One colour is printed at a time and so several screens can be used to produce a multicoloured image or design. Pad printing is also available. Transfers/Decals can be applied to glass infinite colours can be transferred in one application including complex curves and recesses when decoration by other means is impossible. Foil effect decals provide a low-cost alternative to precious metals, even edges and curves can be decorated with high build gold areas. Vivid colours and multiple effects can be achieved in one process, instead of multiple processes when multicoloured designs are required. Shrink sleeving is an advanced labelling solution for bottles where a printed label design is heat shrunk around the entire bottle shape closely following every contour allowing interesting and complex graphic designs to enhance various bottle forms.

Branding by Wares of Knutsford



In order to achieve this service we have enlisted the expertise of a long established expert company who we have been working with for several years. Once we have received an enquiry for branding along with ideas for design, logo and type of application we will liaise with our partners to obtain proofs and a quotation based on the number of jars or bottles involved. Once you have chosen your jars or bottles from our wide range we can send you samples. Then once you have decided on the right items for your product or range of products you can begin the design process. You will need a name of course for your brand and ideas for design based on your strategy for the market. You may like to think of a logo for your brand such as in our case Wares of Knutsford - Wares Cares!   Customers enjoy using their imagination to plan strategy, identity, design, name and colour scheme all of which are key to a marketing plan no matter how small or large the aspirations are for the product.


If you are interested in having any of our glass jars and bottles branded for your business then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly Customer Services Team are there to help you on 01477 537224.  

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