750 ml Triple Bottle In One (Sold Singly Or In Packs Of 2/5)

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Miss Matty Says...

Our customers have really enjoyed thinking up ideas for this bottle. Different vodkas, a choice of kitchen oils and even bubble bath!!!

Triple Glass Bottle With Cork


  • Total 750ml capacity
  • Our BFG Figglers triple bottle in one is amongst our most popular gift and display bottles   
  • They look marvellous when filled with three different coloured liquids.   This bottle is often used for displays and wonderful effects are achieved by adding sparkle to liquids and back lighting
  • These majestical jars are so much swizzfligiling fun, that all chidlers will enjoy them
  • Three 250ml bottles with cork make up a single bottle when stacked
  • 1 x bottle with grinder top 2 x 250ml bottles with corks
  • Three bottles that stack perfectly.   Two with a wooden topped cork and one with a mushroom shaped cork.
  • Clear heavyweight glass
  • Excellent quality
  • Grinder perfect for dried herbs, spices or salt and pepper
  • Corked bottles are ideal for oils and vinegars
  • Make your own special gift for someone special
  • Find the perfect gift tag here


*Please note that this jar is sold empty, so that you can add your own magic!*



Glass Bottle Dimensions:


Volume: 250ml x 3 total: 750ml

Height: 33cm

Diameter: 8.2cm

Neck diameter: 1.8cm


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1 Review

  • 5
    ideal Christmas present!

    29th Jul 2014


    This is a very clever and practical bottle in a very stylish design. Ideal where space is scarce.

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