1L Weck Carafe Water Wine or Juice Bottle with Detachable Clip-on Lid

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1L Weck Glass Carafe Bottle (with clip on lid) for water, wine or juice, or use as an elegant vase

Stylish Weck Carafe with detachable clip on glass suitable for wine, juice and water. Add simplicity and style to your dining table with the addition of this carafe. Alternatively without the lid, this makes a rather lovely vase to fill with cottage garden flowers.

Available in 1L, 500ml and 250ml sizes

1L Weck Glass Carafe Bottle with detachable lid

  • Stylish simplicity
  • 1L Vessel to hold water, wine or juice
  • Detatchable clip on lid with orangey red seal
  • Ideal as a vase for cottage garden flowers
  • Fast shipping


Dimensions of the Weck Glass Carafe Bottle:

Height: 25cm

Width at the base: 9.25cm

Neck: 6cm

Capacity: 1L





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