10ml Amber Glass Bottles - The Oxford Bottle - Packs of 12-100

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Miss Matty Says...

This tiny glass bottle has many uses within aromatherapy and pharmaceutical bottles. Perfect for essential oils and fragrance oils!

10ml Amber Glass Bottles - Oxford Bottles - Packs of 12-100

 New product alert! We are excited to introduce the new size of the amber oxford glass bottle. This miniature bottle is perfect for storing your essential oils and fragrance oils in! 

  • This 10ml amber oxford glass bottle is just one in a range of amber bottles!
  • Made from amber coloured glass
  • Available in a range of pack sizes
  • Price includes black secure cap, prevent leakages.
  • Perfect for essential oils and fragrance oils
  • Has many uses for aromatherapy and pharmaceutical needs.


Miniature Glass Bottles - The Amber Oxford 

 The new miniature bottle is a favourite with our aromatherapy customers and crafters! Ideal for aromatherapy and pharmaceutical needs.



Base: 2.5mm

Height: 50mm

Neck: 15mm

Capacity: 10ml

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